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    These FAQs may answer your questions

    How long will it take for my order to be completed?

    Orders are delivered within 36 hours. Some deliveries -around 4% of them- may extend to more than 48 hours depending on how many orders are pending ahead of yours.

    Which items can I buy at LolSkinStore?

    As a general rule, you can always buy the following items:

    • Champions – added to your inventory.
    • Skins – added to your inventory.
    • Hextech Chests
    • Masterwork Chests
    • Hextech Keys
    • Hextech Chest + Keys packs
    • Masterwork Chest + Keys packs
    • Little Legends Rare Eggs
    • Mystery Skins – will add random permanent skins to your inventory (no need of essence to make them permanent).
    • Premium Mystery Skins – will add random +975 RP permanent skins to your inventory (no need of essence to make them permanent).
    • Mystery Champions – will add random permanent champions to your inventory (no need of essence to make them permanent).
    • Vision wards – added to your inventory.
    • Rune pages – added to your inventory.
    • Summoner icons – added to your inventory.

    Which items are not available to buy?

    These are all the items you can’t buy in our shop.

    • Legacy, prestige or victorious skins
    • Little Legends (rare eggs can be bought).
    • Chromas
    • Seasonal Passes
    • Clash tickets
    • Any type of bundles
    • Emotes
    • Eternals
    • Arena skins
    • Boosts
    • RP

    How does your warranty work?

    We offer a warranty that covers the disappearance of any skins you have purchased at LolSkinStore. The warranty is valid for one month from the date of purchase and it is tied to your League of Legends summoner name, so it is not transferable.

    In the improbable event that you need to make use of it, we will kindly ask you to share your screen with us so that we can make sure the items have really disappeared and it’s not just a bug. If the items are gone, we will replace them within 48 hours—that simple.

    If you need to claim your warranty, you can contact us here.

    It's been over two days since my order is being processed. What's going on?

    We usually process orders within 36 hours, but on some occasions and due to high demand, orders may be delayed up to an exceptional limit of 96 hours.

    If your order takes longer than usual, we will send you an email informing you of the current situation and when we expect to be able to deliver it. If we are unable to deliver your order within 96 hours, we will refund the undelivered items.

    If you need any information about your order, please contact us indicating your order number, and we will be pleased to help you.

    I made a mistake when writing down my order details!

    If you introduced the items you wanted incorrectly, make sure you do not accept our friend request (or just remove our account from your friend list) and contact us as soon as possible.

    Send us your corrected order information and don’t forget to attach your order number so that we can make the change immediately. Please make sure everything is correct before sending it, as we can only change it once. We will make the change and submit your corrected order information back to you.

    Due to security reasons, we cannot change the summoner name associated with an order. We can correct minor typographical errors, so if you’ve made a mistake while typing your summoner name in one or two letters, we’ll be happy to help.