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General questions

How can you offer such low prices?

We obtain RP in various ways. For example, we use software like Buff or Faceit, which allows us to monetise our team’s games and earn RP to use in our service.
We have agreements with official suppliers worldwide, from whom we buy RP to use in the store. We also have contracts with external companies that provide us with RP in exchange for advertising their products or services on our social media channels.
Combined, all the above means we can afford to sell RP cheaper than in the official store.

Is LolSkinStore safe?

Of course! Our website uses strict security protocols when transmitting your payment data.
All the RP we use in our service is either promotional or has been obtained from official resellers around the world. On some occasions, we also use RP directly obtained from the authorised reseller program known as Riot PIN.

On which servers is your service available?

Our service is available on the main game servers, EU West, EU Nordic & East, and North America. We are constantly looking for opportunities to expand, so other servers may appear on this list soon.

I can't find my server in the list!

We regret to inform you that, for the moment, we only offer service on EUW, EUNE, and NA servers.
If your server is mentioned above and you do not find it in the list, it is likely under maintenance. It will be available soon. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Do you need to access my account to deliver the items?

Not at all! We only need your nickname to add you to our friend list. Once you confirm it and the required time* has passed, you will receive the items you ordered as if they were gifts!

*Less than 48 hours in 96% of the orders

Can I gift someone the items they want?

Yes! In the details form, right before payment, type the summoner name of the person you want to receive the gift. You can also add a custom message that will show before opening the gift. Finally, make sure they accept the friend request they will receive on their account!

About our items

Which items can I buy at LolSkinStore?

The following items are sold at LolSkinStore:

  • Champions – added to your inventory.
  • Skins – added to your inventory.
  • Hextech Chests
  • Masterwork Chests
  • Hextech Keys
  • Hextech Chest + Keys packs
  • Masterwork Chest + Keys packs
  • Little Legends Rare Eggs
  • Mystery Skins – will add random permanent skins to your inventory (no need for essence to make them permanent).
  • Premium Mystery Skins – will add random +975 RP permanent skins to your inventory (no need for essence to make them permanent).
  • Mystery Champions – will add random permanent champions to your inventory (no need for essence to make them permanent).
  • Vision wards – added to your inventory.
  • Rune pages – added to your inventory.
  • Summoner icons – added to your inventory.

Which items are not available to buy?

These are all the items you can’t buy in our shop.

  • Legacy, prestige or victorious skins
  • Little Legends (rare eggs can be purchased)
  • Chromas
  • Seasonal Passes
  • Clash tickets
  • Skin or champion bundles
  • Emotes
  • Eternals
  • Arena skins
  • Boosts
  • RP

Is there any limit on the purchase of items?

We do not limit the number of items you can buy, but please note that you can only receive ten gifts every 24 hours due to Riot’s restrictions.

Content packs, such as event orbs or Hextech chests, count as one gift. Therefore, you could receive up to 10 packages of 50 orbs each (which converts to 500 orbs) every 24 hours.

For skins or champions, each item counts as a gift.

If you order more than ten items, we will gradually deliver them on different days, considering Riot’s limits.

About the payment

How can I pay for the items?

We are currently accepting Mastercard, Visa, Maestro & American Express cards.

Unfortunately, we can’t accept other payment methods at the moment.

I've made the payment, what now?

We will send you an email containing your order information and a friend request that you will have to confirm as soon as possible. Then, you just have to wait until you receive your order.

After the payment

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Orders are delivered in an average of 36 hours. Some deliveries -around 4% of them- may extend to more than 48 hours depending on how many orders are pending ahead of yours. If we cannot deliver your order within 96 hours, we will refund the undelivered items.

It's been over two days since my order is being processed. What's going on?

We process orders in an average of 36 hours, but on some occasions and due to high demand, orders may be delayed up to an exceptional limit of 96 hours.

If your order takes longer than usual, we will send you an email informing you of the current situation and when we expect to deliver it. If we cannot deliver your order within 96 hours, we will refund the undelivered items.

If you want more information about your order, don’t hesitate to reach us by indicating your order number, and we will be pleased to help you.

I want a refund

We can issue refunds if your order is still processing. However, please note that we are unable to return already delivered items.

I made a mistake when writing down my order details! Help!

If you got something wrong, make sure you do not accept our friend request (or remove our account from your friend list!) and contact us as soon as possible.

Please send us your corrected order information and attach your order number. Ensure everything is correct before sending it, as we can only change it once. After that, we will make the change and submit the corrected order information back to you.

Any more questions? Contact us now!

The store is temporarily out of stock. We'll be back very soon.